Welcome to QUE-FRITAS

Come and try our delicious deep fried quesadillas.


Our Story


It all started as a school project, but it turned into a great company.

We are a 100% mexican microbusiness dedicated to cook the best deep fried quesadillas in the region.

Our mision is to offer tasty food products of high quality and that generate a great satisfaction for all our customers.

Our vision is to become one of the most successful companies selling deep fried quesadillas.

Our values are high quality in our products, the satisfaction of our customers, suppliers, employees and partners; creativity and innovation; teamwork and commitment of the team; harmony with the community, employees, customers, suppliers and with the environment.

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Delicious Menu

Our products are 100% homemade and made from scratch.

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Urbano Rosales 184, El Grullo
C.P. 48740 Jalisco, México

317 106 41 51